MovieCrib is a free online movie manager.
Manage, browse, search and share your movie collection.

MovieCrib is built upon a user-driven database and is constantly growing as users submit movies to the database.
No need to download a movie manager, you can start managing your movie collection online in minutes.
With MovieCrib you have access to the best online catalog software, for free.
With MovieCrib you can

  • Easily browse, search and filter your movie collection
  • Keep track of movies you loaned out or haven't seen yet
  • Create custom movie formats, add notes and version information
  • Manage your wanted movies in a wishlist
  • Rate and review your movies
  • Share your movie collection with the world or keep it private
  • Create custom movie lists and make them public or keep it private
  • Add members to your friend list and share and recommend movies with each other
  • Publish your activity on your Facebook Timeline
  • And many more features...

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