Star Crossed (2009)

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Star Crossed
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A modern day "Romeo and Juliet" is told against the backdrop of professional football in Portugal, with two feuding teams, Castelo and Invicta, filling in as the Montagues and the Capulets. The latest incident in the feud is an on-field brawl between the players worse than they have ever had, which results in an indefinite suspension of both teams from the league pending a full investigation. Each game not played results in a loss and thus less and less chance of either team reaching the post-schedule championship. Beyond the direct measures to have the league lift Invicta's suspension, its owner/president, José Carlos Silva, believes another indirect measure is to win in the court of public opinion by currying favor with Philip Andrews, a British documentarian filming a movie about the feud, and whose cameras and stories he hopes will document that Invicta is the innocent victim. To curry that favor, José, upon Philip's expression of interest, is pushing his innocent daughter, Inês Silva, to date Philip, in who she truly has no interest despite Philip being a decent man. Meanwhile, one Castelo player not involved in that on-field incident is Brit Paul Collins, who was out sick that game and who is nursing a broken heart over a recent break-up with his girlfriend, Danielle. However, Paul and Inês fall in love at first sight when they spot each other across a crowded room at a party. Despite the obstacles, Paul and Inês do clandestinely see each other, with Carla, Inês' paternal grandmother, and Dr. Lawrence, Paul's American physician, reluctantly being their co-conspirators, reluctant in that they are more cognizant about a Paul/Inês relationship being fraught with life long problems. As Paul and Inês' love deepens, so does the feud, the two which truly may be incompatible.
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