Wes Bishop


  • Birth name
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  • Date of death
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  • Cause of death
  • Charles Pelletieri
  • 1932-09-12
  • Nashville, Tennessee, USA
  • 1993-06-25
  • Nashville, Tennessee, USA
  • liver ailment

Wesdon Bishop, Wes Don


Writer/actor/producer Wes Bishop frequently collaborated with exploitation filmmaker Lee Frost on a bunch of enjoyably down'n'dirty drive-in features made throughout the 60s and 70s. Bishop was born as Charles Pelletieri on September 12, 1932 in Nashville, Tennessee. Wes served as a paratrooper and intelligence officer in the Korean War. Frost and Bishop first crossed paths in the early 60s on the tongue-in-cheek soft-core horror comedy "House on Bare Mountain." Their subsequent cinematic ventures include the trailblazing Nazisploitation outing "Love Camp 7," the gritty "Chain Gang Women," the passable biker opus "Chrome and Hot Leather," the hilariously campy "The Thing with Two Heads," the immensely fun "Policewomen," the gnarly blaxploitation winner "The Black Gestapo," and the rowdy redneck romp "Dixie Dynamite." Moreover, Lee often had sizable supporting roles in Frost's movies; he's especially memorable as trouble-making convict Coleman in "Chain Gang Women" and sleazy mobster Ernest in "The Black Gestapo." In addition, Frost and Bishop wrote the witty and inspired script for Jack Starrett's terrific Satan worship car chase horror/action treat "Race with the Devil;" Bishop also produced the picture and appears in a minor part as a small town deputy. Wes did guest spots on the TV shows "Perry Mason," "Combat!," "Bonanza," and "The High Chapparal." Wes Bishop died at age 60 from a liver ailment on June 25, 1993.