Will Poulter


  • Birth name
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  • William Jack Poulter
  • 1993-01-28
  • England, UK

William Poulter


Will Poulter is an English actor, most recognized for his performances as "Lee Carter" in "Son of Rambow" and "Eustace Scrubb" in "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader". Born in Hammersmith, London, Poulter was educated at The Harrodian School, where he participated in drama. As he has said in an interview, his drama teacher (Laura Lawson) encouraged his audition for the Hammer and Tongs film, "Son of Rambow", by knocking on his English class window and mouthing "auditions" while pointing at a flier. He was later cast as the spiky-haired delinquent "Lee Carter". Laura Lawson was also responsible for the E4 comedy sketch show, "School of Comedy", in which Poulter appears portraying various roles, such as "Mr. Mills" and a South African security guard. Beginning as an after-school club, "School of Comedy" involves children parodying the world of adults. The show was taken to The Edinburgh Festival Fringe and, in 2009, it was adapted into a 6-part television series for E4. The show has, so far, run for two seasons. In 2008, Poulter was cast as "Eustace Clarence Scrubb" for the third film in the "Narnia" franchise, "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader". "Dawn Treader" was filmed in Queensland, Australia. During his almost six-month stay in Australia, Poulter was accompanied by his mother and younger sister. His father was not able to stay the entire time because of work, and his older siblings were able to stay for about two weeks, until they had to return to England. Poulter noted that, though it was hard to be separated from his family, they were able to keep in touch through phone calls and emails. As of December, 2010, Poulter is filming a British independent called "Wild Bill", directed by Dexter Fletcher.