Alex Greenfield


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  • Alex Greenfield
  • 1973-01-12
  • Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Alex Greenfield is an American film and television writer and producer. The son of UFOlogist and occult researcher T Allen Greenfield, Alex accompanied his father on an investigation of the Great UFO Wave of 1973 before he was a year old. He quickly developed an interest in the paranormal and throughout his childhood was an active participant in field studies of everything from the haunting of Christ Church on St. Simon's Island to the poltergeist activity of Atlanta's Brookwood Hotel.After three semesters, Alex dropped out of high school as soon as he was legally able. He spent four years playing in rock bands and working in bars on a fake ID. In 1993, Alex was accepted to Vermont's Marlboro College. He majored in history and media studies and graduated with highest honors in 1997, paying his way through school by working at a psychiatric hospital.Alex moved to Los Angeles and did a variety of Hollywood jobs. He was a script reader, extra, assistant, on-air promotions writer and literary manager. He continued to write screenplays and was hired for his first feature writing assignment in 2004. Alex completed two more low-budget movies before he was hired by World Wrestling Entertainment and quickly promoted to become the head writer of WWE SmackDown Live (1999).In 2006 Alex's supernatural thriller, "Childish Things" (based on a story co-written with Mike Eitelman) won the Screamfest Horror Film Festival prize for Best Screenplay. He has gone on to write a number of television movies and mini-series.In 2011 Alex won a number of awards from's new film and television division, Amazon Studios. Along with writing partners, Eitelman and Ben Powell respectively he took home Best Screenplay awards for the action/horror script, "The Temple" and the supernatural thriller, "My Father's House." He won a competitive grant and produced the former as a motion comic.