Connect to Facebook

Connect the MovieCrib app to your Facebook account and share your activity on MovieCrib with your friends !
MovieCrib uses the Facebook Open Graph protocol to publish your selected activities on your Facebook Timeline.

Click on the button below to connect the MovieCrib app to your Facebook Timeline.

Once you click on the Connect with Facebook button you will first have to log in with your Facebook credentials.
Next you will need to give the MovieCrib app the necessary permissions.

Once you authorize the MovieCrib app and you are logged into the MovieCrib website your selected activities will be shared on your Facebook Timeline.

You can manage which activities you want to share on your Facebook Timeline or disable the Timeline functionality in your account settings :

Once you are logged into your MovieCrib account you can quickly toggle the Facebook publishing feature :

Your shared activities will appear on your Facebook Timeline and be summarized in the MovieCrib app section on your Facebook Timeline :